Write a play for radio 4 iplayer

How to Watch iPlayer on Android? To start with, you will first need to subscribe to and download a VPN service on your Android device. Follow the steps below to get one and access the large variety of shows available on the iPlayer:

Write a play for radio 4 iplayer

All monies from sales go to Jim's chosen charity of Dementia UK. More details to follow in the coming weeks. If you have a burning question you want Jim to answer, you need to: Get thinking of that killer question The two hour show starts with some Slade tracks and some Slade cover songs This part is a mammoth 1 hour and 37 minutes only.

The following tracks are played during the interview: The interview is extensive 1 hour 10 mins and Part One is available to listen to online - or download to your phone, tablet or computer - now.

The tracks played during the chat are as follows: And the good news folks is that Part Two of the interview is promised to be published soon! It sets the mood for the first half of this wonderful, heartwarming but uncompromising, tale of a young girl actor Ella Hunt growing up in the s and 80s with a mother Sheridan Smith suffering from schizophrenia.

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Genesius Producer Debbie Gray was the driving force behind the project. Written by the late Brian Glancy, who collaborated with many of the bands coming out of Manchester in the s, it is a song reflecting over opportunities missed and and a life passed by. To conclude, an independent British movie is so hard to get off the ground as the boys from Slade will know!

I hope you guys go out an support it in any way you can. I hope we did you proud. To see the behind the scenes promo for the movie click here. We are pleased to advise that film director Keith English features the classic track in his new British movie 'The More You Ignore Me' that is showing in selected cinemas in major UK cities next week.


The film stars Sheridean Smith. To find out screening times and more info click here.

write a play for radio 4 iplayer

To read it click here. Jim said, about making his way out of the Robin after his event last November: You know they all want something writing, you know pictures and so on". To read the interview click here.

write a play for radio 4 iplayer

Jim features in video - playing violin.get_iplayer Radio Download Guide. This guide has been written in a step by step manner for beginners.

If this is your first time here you really must go through the guide in this fashion if you are to understand and get the most out of get_iplayer.

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Browse the Drama category for available radio programmes for you to listen to on BBC iPlayer Radio. As recently as a year ago, watching the BBC iPlayer with a VPN was the most reliable way of accessing the service outside the UK.

Today, things no longer seem to be that easy. In fact, the word on the street is that using a VPN for the iPlayer does not work period. BBC iPlayer is a free online streaming service that users in the UK can use to watch TV shows and programs. Unfortunately, the geographical availability of the service is only confined to the UK.

In the UK access to bbc iplayer radio is a must for me. Unfortunately sonos, being American, probably have no idea what it is Still I requested both on the latest sonos survey, so the fact they were options is hopeful to me.

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