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A doctor in International Politics, the co-founder of Contemplative Studies and the Director of the University Expert in Mindfulness and Multiple Intelligences, MiMiIND-Mindfulness and Multiple Intelligences Degree Course, which she uses to develop syllabuses for mindfulness and multiple intelligences, in addition to teaching children, teachers, parents, therapists and health professionals. Koncha is participating in several research studies on the impact of diagnosis on the patient's mind in preschool and primary education, and is working on another study on the power of empathy and compassion on the psychological well-being of people with reduced mobility. She also presents papers and lectures at universities, medical centres and in professional programmes.

Uvic writing center

Maps appear as stand-alone print works, as images in books or Web sites, and as functional independent Web sites or parts of Web sites. As with any work, to cite a map, follow the MLA template of core elements. If you do not directly refer to the work as a map in your prose, you might list the medium of publication in the optional-element-slot at the end of the entry: As one map shows, the western boundaries of Brazil have changed over time Fitz Work Cited Fitz, Earl E.

Brazilian Narrative Traditions in a Comparative Context. Modern Language Association, Researchers can now see where the accusers and accused lived in relation to each other in Salem Village Kretzschmar, fig.

Work Cited Kretzschmar, William A. An Evolving Anthology, edited by Kenneth M. Be sure to key your in-text reference to the entry: Fitz, Modern Language Association,p.

Note that titles of maps appearing as images in other works are placed in quotation marks.

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For this reason, the page displaying the map may provide limited publication information, as in the example below: Additional publication information can sometimes be gleaned from the landing page for the map or from other informational pages on the Web site, as in the following example.

Note also that the title is treated like a stand-alone work contained in another work: The entry below, for a map of Santo Domingo, provides the title of the Web site in which the map is displayed as the title of the container.

Map of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Google Maps,maps.APSA Committee on Publications.

Uvic writing center

Style Manual for Political regardbouddhiste.comgton D.C.: American Political Science Association. *Turabian, Kate L.

Guide to Grammar and Writing—Professor Charles Darling, Capital Community-Technical College regardbouddhiste.com This is an exhaustive grammar and writing guide with concise explanations of rules.

Somerset House is mentioned in the following documents:

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