The roles of stakeholders in curriculum implementation

Whom Does It Concern? Stakeholders in the Curriculum Even if goals are matched to curriculum, the concerns of the stakeholders turn out to be a major determinant of what is taught. Let's look at this more closely.

The roles of stakeholders in curriculum implementation

Historical Psychological Thus the many topics taught in various curriculum courses in colleges and schools of education such as sources of curriculum decisions, factors affecting curriculum development, causes of curriculum change, and the need for curriculum and so on, constitute the curriculum context.

Curriculum Design This refers to the manner in which the various elements of the curriculum are stated. It is aspects like the structure, pattern or organization of the curriculum.

In other words, curriculum designs are more or less the structure or arrangements of the school programme. The design identifies the elements of a curriculum, states what relationship they have between each other and indicates the principles of organization and the requirements of the organization.

The roles of stakeholders in curriculum implementation

It also states the administrative conditions under which it is to operate. Curriculum design is a proposal that indicates the basis for selection and organization of knowledge concepts and skills Stratemeyer, That whatever is stressed in the proposal becomes the model.

For example, Tyler stressed objectives hence his curriculum is called the objectives model. Malusu states that, design is the way in which the curricular elements namely, the objectives, learning experiences, teaching learning strategies, resources and evaluation procedures have been selected and organized in order to facilitate learning.

Stratemeyer argues that any curriculum design stems from a set of values, fundamental beliefs and cultural principles relating to the kind of person or citizen which the society wants to produce and what the society wants to develop in the learner.

Various Types of Curriculum Design The design of a curriculum will depend on the countrys philosophy and probably the philosophy of an individual. The designs are also known as patterns of curriculum development. Four major designs have emerged and these are: Problem centered or life themes design or persistent life design.

This has under it such designs as: The Core Curriculum This refers to the central aspect of the curriculum. They are learning central to the interest of the learner. They are the very essential curriculum and are made up of compulsory disciplines; for example mathematics and languages in both secondary and primary schools.

Research methods at masters level is another example. The core-curriculum has its advantages and these are: It enables the learner to interact with the teacher frequently.

It relates to the learners social and personal needs. Core -curriculum looks at the resources in the community.The Roles Of Stakeholders In Curriculum Implementation Curriculum implementation entails putting into practice the officially prescribed courses of study, syllabuses and subjects.

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The process involves helping the learner acquire knowledge or experience. The Educative Assessment and Meaningful Support: edTPA Administrative Report is now publicly available. The report describes edTPA’s continued expansion and support as the first nationally available performance-based assessment and support system for entry level educators.

Problem identification and general needs assessment. The most important step is the first one, the general needs assessment (GNA). The goal of step 1 is to focus the curriculum, by defining the deficits in knowledge, attitude, or skills that currently exist in practitioners and the ideal approach to teaching and learning these objectives.

Advisory Council.

The roles of stakeholders in curriculum implementation

22 industry stakeholders have been appointed to serve on the CHTS Advisory Council, which is responsible for advising the CHTS exams development team and endorsing the examination blueprints, specifications, and passing standard(s).

For educational and more about curriculum topics and discussion. stakeholders of curriculum, implementation of curriculum tinamad kasi ako mag pa print kaya nilagay ko nalang sa wattpad, para mabasa ko at makapagstudy ako ng maayos free for you “ Learners or students are the very reason why.

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