Seinfeld is considered by many as the best sitcom of all time

Sounds simple enough, until you realize their oldest and most outspoken child, Alex P.

Seinfeld is considered by many as the best sitcom of all time

He sometimes lives with his parents, Estelle and Frank Costanzaa bitter couple who are as neurotic as their son. As a teenager, he was tormented by his gym teacher, Mr.

George claims that he and Jerry met in gym class when George, climbing rope, fell on Jerry. George has numerous psychological problems, including: Like Kramerhe would often concoct elaborate plots to weasel out of relational, financial, or legal obligations, always with unexpected and negative consequences.

It is noted in some episodes that he can even beat a lie-detector test. When Jerry tells Elaine about his plan of beating a lie detector instead of somehow avoiding it, she replies, "Who do you think you are, Costanza? In the first couple of seasons, George was restrained by the standards of his later actions, but as the series went on, his schemes and personality became more outlandish.

Alexander related in an interview that, early in the creation of the show, he once expressed having problems acting out a scene in the script, because he felt no one would ever behave in such a way. David replied to him that the exact situation had actually happened to him, and he had reacted in exactly the same way.

Jason said that this was a breakthrough for him in portraying the character, giving him valuable insight into both Larry and George. George has mentioned having a brother a few times on the show though he has never been seen or even given a name.

George often claims that his difficult childhood was the cause of most of his neurotic tendencies. George has mentioned growing up in Brooklyn, New York and attended public school.

He attended John F. Kennedy High School on Long Island and was in the class of He was also picked on in gym class by the gym teacher Mr. Heyman, whom George tattled on for giving him a wedgie and subsequently got Mr.

George refers to this as the greatest accomplishment of his life. It has been mentioned that Jerry and George both attended Queens College. Jerry also told Elaine that George had gotten accepted to podiatry school, but nothing ever came of it. Seasons In the beginning of the series, George works as a real estate broker as shown when he tries to find a new apartment for Jerry in " The Robbery ".

Seinfeld is considered by many as the best sitcom of all time

George had difficulty handling relationships with women though: Another example includes " The Chinese Restaurant " where George mentions having to leave in the middle of sex with his girlfriend because of flatulence. In " The Revenge ", George quits his job out of frustration.

Seinfeld is considered by many as the best sitcom of all time

He attempts to get it back, but after his boss degrades him in public he decides to "slip him a mickey" instead. George then goes through several jobs struggling to regain employment.

He got a job parking cars in " The Alternate Side " but ends up causing accidents and traffic jams. He also got a job at Pendant Publishing in " The Red Dot ", but gets fired for having sex with the cleaning woman on his desk. In " The Boyfriend ", George dates the daughter of an unemployment officer to try and stay on assistance but loses it when the girl breaks up with him.

Seasons George actually manages to find steady work with Jerry writing a pilot for a sitcom on NBC. This causes problems, mainly for Susan. Their relationship finally comes to an end in " The Virgin ", when George kisses her in front of her boss, causing her to get fired.

They get back together in " The Pick ", but Susan breaks up with him again when George picks his nose in front of her on purpose. In " The Puffy Shirt ", George finally runs out of money and is forced to move back in with his parents.

He manages to get a job as a hand model, but loses it when he burns his hands on a hot iron. Frank gets George an interview to be a brassiere salesman in " The Sniffing Accountant ", and though it goes well, George is fired for flirting with his future female boss.

It is in vain, however, as Sasha moves to Latvia. In " The Opposite ", George begins doing the opposite of all his instincts which helps him get a beautiful girlfriend and a job as Assistant to the Traveling Secretary of the Yankees.

They eventually make up and move back in together.The show is a tour-de-force; one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, a microcosm of the s, and the source of so many one-liners and memorable characters that even if you didn’t watch the.

Seinfeld is an American television sitcom that ran for nine seasons on NBC, from to It was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, with the latter starring as a fictionalized version of predominantly in an apartment building in Manhattan's Upper West Side in New York City, the show features a handful of Jerry's friends and acquaintances, including best friend George.

10 Reasons Why Seinfeld is The Greatest Show of All Time

begin >> Seinfeld has long been regarded as one of the greatest American sitcoms of all time. It follows the story of Jerry Seinfeld, a fictionalized version of the creator, and often said to be a “show about nothing.” The show is often set in Jerry’s Manhattan apartment, .

Jul 04,  · Update (June 24th, ): For the first time, all of Seinfeld is available via a streaming service today, as the entire series comes to Hulu. With that in mind, check out our Top 10 list for the.

'Seinfeld', one of the greatest shows in TV history, enjoyed critical acclaim and popularity throughout its nine seasons—but they were not created equal.

The season was when things all came together for Seinfeld, so much so that the show’s fourth season should be considered the best season any sitcom has ever had: The show moved from.

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