Hum 111 critical thinking final presentation powerpoint

Critical Thinking Paper Option 1: Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. Business Practice Argumentative Essay Option 1: Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Hum 111 critical thinking final presentation powerpoint

Art History 2 3 ART Art History 1 - This is a survey course of Western art from the Prehistoric Period through the Renaissance, employing illustrated lectures, independent research, museum visits, and discussion. This class is offered alternate years in the spring semester.

Art History 2 - This course is a survey of Western art from the Renaissance through the present employing illustrated lectures, independent research, museum visits and discussion. Intercultural Communication 3 Social and cultural variables in speech communication processes and strategies for resolving communication problems in intercultural settings with an emphasis on variables such as perception, roles, language codes, and nonverbal communication will be examined in this course.

World Literature to the Renaissance 3 This course will focus on critical thinking and research-based writing through comparative and interdisciplinary analysis. Alongside lectures and class discussion, the study of representative great works of Western and non-Western literature from Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance will emphasize the literary, cultural, and religious significance of these texts.

Mythology, Philosophy, and Theology 3 This course begins with the mythology of the Ancient Egyptians, the theology of the Hebrews, the philosophy of the Greeks, tracing the legacy of each stand of thought throughout the world with attention being paid to both the primary leaders and significant texts and how they shaped divergent world views today.

It is recommended that Western Civilization 1 and 2 have previously been taken. Senior Project units 1 In this capstone course students will meet with an instructor once per week in order to formulate, research, and discuss an appropriate topic for their written project.

Hum 111 critical thinking final presentation powerpoint

Topics must be interdisciplinary, combining their emphasis within the major with another discipline within the major. Liberal Arts major and senior standing.

Hum 111 critical thinking final presentation powerpoint

Music Cultures of the World: Emerging Nations - This course will introduce students to the study of music as a universal cultural phenomenon and the discipline of ethnomusicology, with exposure to the musical and social aspects of a variety of folk, traditional, and art music of Latin America, Africa, India, North America, and contemporary mass media.

MUS or equivalent knowledge and experience in music strongly encouraged. Introduction to Theatre 3 This course will provide an overview of the various conventions, forms, styles, and genres of the theatre, including principles of play analysis and exploration of theatre criticism from dramaturgical, literary, and cultural perspectives through the thematic discussions of representative plays.

There may be an additional charge for required field trips. Communication Emphasis COM Interpersonal Communication 3 This course will analyze person-to-person communicative behavior in contexts ranging from informal to organizational looking at topics such as attraction, trust, language, and nonverbal behavior.

Advanced Public Speaking 3 This course is an advanced study of speech communication with an emphasis on professional speaking techniques, humor, and the use of stories.

Oral assignments will include serious and humorous personal stories that make a point; persuasive and special occasion speeches; and a final professional presentation. Speeches will be viewed and analyzed.

Choose four of the following courses: · be willing to refine your thinking Thinking is any mental activity that helps formulate or solve a problem, make a decision, or fulfill a desire to understand. It is a searching for answers, a reading for meaning (Ruggiero, p.4 PHL/ Critical Thinking Paper, PHL/ Week 2 Business Practice Argumentative Essay, PHL/ Problem Identification, PHL/ The Planning Process, PHL/ Week 4 rehearsal dinner powerpoint presentation free puzzle powerpoint template free marine corps powerpoint theme week 9 hum final powerpoint beach themed powerpoint templates free critical thinking powerpoint slides dr seuss powerpoint .

Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills and critical thinking skills as related to the field of chemistry; Demonstrate knowledge of safe practices  · Web view.

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