How to write a blurb for an autobiography of malcolm

I'm not endorsing every single word spoken or written by any of these authors including Joan Tollifson.

How to write a blurb for an autobiography of malcolm

Old Tappan, New Jersey: Against the Night Against the Night, an indictment of the West and a plea that we revive Western Civilization, grew out of lectures that Colson delivered at Wheaton College in There is little new in the book; if one has read C.

Thousands of monastic orders spread across Europe One expects a new religious order - the Colsonites - to appear any day now. Servant, his publisher, is Roman Catholic.

There is little light in this book, and no hope of winning against the night. Who Speaks for God?

how to write a blurb for an autobiography of malcolm

In his Foreword J. He diagnoses our spiritual malaise in clear and stark terms. Thank God for his clarity and vision! And that is a charitable judgment. This book is a collection of essays that Colson wrote for Jubilee, a publication of Prison Fellowship.

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In these essays, as in all his books, Colson does exactly what he accuses the media of doing: But, startling as it may sound, these attacks are not really what alarm me. Of course, they are grave - but also obvious No, what concerns me more than the frontal assault is a more subtle attack - the insidious way Christian ideas are subtly altered by an interpretation here, a nuance there.

Does he seriously believe that? Colson describes the writing of the book: Soon I discovered that my own thought and values were changing so fast that what I wrote one month was outdated the next.

Life Sentence furnishes one bit of information that might explain why Colson glosses over the differences between Roman Catholicism and Christianity: Patty would freeze and later vent her frustration on me.

Through all the harassments Patty and I were drawing closer together in our beliefs Colson is a religious relativist, although he denounces ethical relativism in his other books. Colson is being questioned by a member of the audience during an appearance at George Washington University: No man comes to the Father but by me.

Fundamentalists, evangelicals, charismatics - the labels were often misleading and the delineations blurred - were on one side, while the liberal social action Christians were on the other.

The division, some thought, could be traced to the Moody era Other Christians, led by a compassionate pastor, Walter Rauschenbusch [Rauschenbusch was the father of the social gospel], began to see Moody followers as indifferent to the suffering of humanity.

The Healing Party, by Micheline Lee

Distrust grew between the succeeding generations of disciples and the gulf widened Why could not those who have different theologies but follow the same Christ lock arms, one with another, for the glory of God? The Gospel is absent from this book. Indeed, one looks in vain throughout his books for a clear and accurate statement of the Gospel.

In disregard of logic, he writes: Apparently he has never heard of sodium chloride, water, or geometry. His reading of Christians is lacking.

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Colson does take the correct view of prayer in public schools: But organized prayer, even if voluntary, is another matter. The issue is who does the organizing. If it is the school board, Caesar is being given a spiritual function; admittedly a small crack in the door, but a crack nonetheless.

Despite his views on prayer, he favors the use of government to erect creches and other religious symbols And he says nothing in opposition to the billions of dollars the government gives to religious organizations every year.publishers and book distributors of scuba diving and commercial diving books, marine science books, shipwrecks, maritime books, underwater photography books, maritime novels, new books, new scuba diving books, marketed by Oceans Enterprises.

created by Curt Gardner and Phil Nel. In David Streitfeld's profile "Don DeLillo's Gloomy Muse," DeLillo remarks, "I've been called 'reclusive' a hundred times and I'm not even remotely in that category" (C: 4).


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Maybe we at Magic Dragon Multimedia can help to steer you in the right direction. Once your title and cover have drawn the reader in, the blurb is what is going to make the difference between a missed opportunity and a sale.

You have one shot at introducing your story to your reader - make it count. Many authors write the book blurb as an afterthought. But it is the single most important piece of writing you will do on your book. One of the things an author is expected to do from time-to-time is to produce at least a short biographical blurb.

These may be used for an interview, a book jacket, or even an event program in .

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