Falkiner fine papers holborn

He afterwards commenced business on his own account, and very early obtained the patronage of J. Walker, late President of the Institution of Civil Engineers, by whose firm he was extensively employed up until his death. See also Jeffrey Wells. The first railway to Selby.

Falkiner fine papers holborn

The sound has been heard on this hill for more Falkiner fine papers holborn two millennia. She explains that although mature European luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have to keep on expanding, they still need to preserve their allure of exclusivity.

Creating something personalised fits the bill nicely. Now, I think the crafts resurgence is a reaction to globalisation. By buying a customised bicycle or a finely bound book, you express your personal values.

But when you are in business that is backwards-looking, everything tends to be backwards-looking. A craft business that makes the most of its uniqueness and reaches out to a new audience through the internet, using clever marketing and a modern take on its products, has no reason to fail - although inevitably the coming recession make things trickier.

The mass of affluent people who had the money to spend on a handmade suit or a bespoke piece of furniture will be feeling the pinch. The couple took on the firm inwhen the previous owner retired. She was in newspaper ad sales, he had worked for Mercian man and boy in a part of the country that has a long cycling heritage.

Smith and Mosley remortgaged their house to buy the business. Mercian, which make a range of bike frames, was founded by two cyclists in and employed eight framebuilders in its heyday.

Now there are three, plus two sprayers in the paintshop and four assistants in the shop. The company makes its customised bikes out of Birmingham-made Reynolds steel tubes, entirely by hand.

Falkiner fine papers holborn

The Paul Smith collaboration, new frame types and a ramped-up website has recast Mercian as a modern craft business. In the workshop there are tools, components and beautiful frames all over the place, but an air of quiet concentration reigns. Framebuilder Tim Leicester, 32, an engineering graduate from Cambridge, eschewed the corporate career path for his dream job.

I get the satisfaction from making a bike and seeing it out the door. This is no ordinary workplace. Two cabinetmakers are hunched over their benches in steady concentration, sanding and sawing wood.

Williams, 42, is tucked away in his office. He has been designing award-winning bespoke pieces for 18 years and built this business from scratch. His journey as a small businessman has not been easy. Till five years ago, he found it hard to make a good profit, despite strong orders and committed clients.

A consultant brought in by Business Link proved disastrous, but with the help of someone who appreciated his output, business improved.

That allowed him to focus on design, sales and strategy. Williams says he was guided by something his father - a lifetime banker - told him: We can survive because we are right in a niche of the market, and that can only be served by our level of bespoke service.

He finds the bigger jobs, often commissioned by an architect or interior designer, less fulfilling. Exhibitions and verbal recommendation have taken him to capacity, but Williams plans a proper marketing campaign next year. Despite the recession, he remains pretty optimistic.Stationery is what we do, it's what we eat, sleep, and dream of!

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