Essays on proverbs in kannada

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Essays on proverbs in kannada

Home Gadegalu - Kannada Proverbs Gadegalu are the sayings about life and people. There are hundreds of gadegalu in Kannada and its origins are probably as old as the language itself.

Below are some of tbe proverbs in Kannada- Hasige iddashtu kaalu chaachu- extend your legs only as far as the bed not beyond - live within your means.

Bheedeli hogo maari na manege karidange- Maadidunno Maraya - what you sow is what you reap Uppa thinda mele neeru kudiyalebeku- you have to drink water after eating salt; this and previous one can used under the same context.

Yaarado duddinalli yellamanna jaatre Aagodella volledakke- what ever happens, it is always for good. Ganda-Hendara jagala thindu malugovarege- Husband and wife's fight usually ends once they Eat and get back into bed Kaallake takkanthe nadiabeku, tallake takkanthe kuniabeku- we should change with time and dance to the tune.

Anna haakida manege kanna hakabeda - Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Maari kannu hori myale, kadukan kannu kuri myale.

Saavira sullu heli ondu madhuve maadu- Fix a marriage by telling lies Kallana numbidhru kullana nambabeda- You can trust a thief but never trust short people.

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Nelakke bhidroo meese mannagilla Yaava huttadilli yaava haavu irutho - never decide on the type of snake by seeing the pit, it can be anything or misleading. Devaru olidaroo poojari oliyolla. Namma devara sathya namage gotthu. Kaige banda thutthu baige baralilla.

Rogi baysidhu haalu anna vaidya helidhu haalu anna kallanigondhu pille neva hodeya pishachi andre bandheya gawakshilee hoda putta banda putta Kumbala kaayi kalla andre hegalu mutti nodkonda Malli malli manchakke eshtu kaalu andre mooru mattondu andlante Kallana manassu hul hulge Beeso Dhonne thapidare nooru varsha ayeshu.

Naari olidhare mari - Women would become a demon if you mess with them.

Essays on proverbs in kannada

Naari olidare naari, munidare maari-When a women is pleased with you she is an angel, if she is angry with you she is a devil.

Etthu erige eledare Kona Neerige eliyitu. Maneyavarige maari, pararige upakari Mutthu koduvalu bandalu antha, tutthu kottavalannu mareya baradu Sindagattada devaru hind mund aada Kelasavillada kumbhara mai parichikonda Gokulashtami goo, imamsaabi goo en sambandh Indhu aalagi balidavane munde aarasaaguva - one who lives like a slave today, will be the king tomorrow.

Halliddavarige kadle illa,kadle idhavarige hallilla yellara mane dosenu thoothesahodara mavana chaalu thundara thundara paalu aLiya alla magaLa gaMDa - [he is] not my Son-in-law, but my daughter's husband. Don't be kind to one and everyone, some times people take you for a ride.

Sometimes, it is used in the negative sense to chide people who are indecisive. Used to stress the importance of prioritizing. Every heart has its own ache akki mEle aase, neMTara mEle prIti -She has desire for rice likes saving it and has love for her relatives too.

Each individual passed the buck to the other individual and there was none left to shoulder the responsibility. What if the fence itself is a culprit? This proverb comes from a skepticism of those who break laws they are supposed to uphold.

Bangi devarige hendaguDuka pujaari Kannada - For the God who is on dope drugs[it is but appropriate to have] a priest who is a drunkard. It incites pity, when a wise person suffers because of some one during his last days and This adage can also refer to the people who had enough money with them to lead a happy life in oldage but due to greed they have lost it and are suffering with dire circumstances.

Chalagaara chatta eerida, bhanda daMDaM dasha guNam bhavet - Punishment has got 10 credits to its name. We all have same stories. Of sorrows and joys - But in different forms, which is understood but not mentioned.

Dosa is a south Indian Snack similar to pancakes. Kannada - all the qualified Gods are in the doldrums and the unqualified God [i.

Kannada - Shall I come in young age age 7? The underlying meaning is that difficulties could be boldly faced and easily overcome in young age rather than old age. Kannada -Could a Brahmastra be used on a sparrow? Brahmastra was believed to possess the power to destroy the whole world.Comments Download Free Sanskrit Books from Digital Library of India — Comments.

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Essays on proverbs in kannada

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Essays on kannada proverbs in kannada

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