Eng book report pride and prejudice

Having stood the test of several epochs, the novel remains one of the best in the world literature. From the opening and to the closing line the author shows that it is not appropriate to judge a person on first acquaintance.

Eng book report pride and prejudice

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Romance Novel Pride and Prejudice follows a girl for roughly a year of her life, as she discovers love, and the obstacles of pride and discrimination. She uses her characters to draw people into the book, by adding many layers of character to them all.

The book deserves the title of an A-list book due to its longevity, as well as the quality of the writing. Austen uses many techniques of drawing the readers in.

The main one by far, is the way she develops her characters. Each character has many layers of personality. At the beginning of the book the reader only is able to identify the type of person: By the end of the book, the reader feels as though they know how each character would react to any situation.

Not only does Austen develop the characters well, but she also makes sure to include a wide variation of personality types, in order to incorporate humor into the book. Austen uses the mother character to bring the audience into the story, to make it feel realistic, not perfect, and humorous.

This character development also aids the storyline.

Eng book report pride and prejudice

From start to beginning, Pride and Prejudice is exciting, enticing, humorous, and honest. Austen is not afraid of offending her readers, she writes the truth. Her book reflects her own defiance against society, because of the time period it was written in. Women in the s had nearly no power, political or otherwise.

The only thing that they had control over, was marriage, and even there, choices of whom they could marry usually depended on wealth.

In this tale that Austen imagined, she speaks about how unfair this lack of power was, but she also showed that women had the ability to be just as good as men.

Her independent lead character named Elizabeth, exhibits this defiance time and time again, using her strong personality to put others to shame. Austen does this to send a message of strength and empowerment to women, while also observing love.

Love is no easy thing, nor is it often comprehensible. Austen shows this through the plot of the story, and the actions of her characters.

Pride is one of the greatest barriers separating Elizabeth and Mr.Illustrated annotated hypertext of novel Pride and Prejudice, with chronology, map, notes on characters and Regency society (including the status of women), genealogy charts, passages illustrating the themes of `Pride' and `Prejudice' etc.

Eng book report pride and prejudice

***answer key included A reading comprehension for the Penguin Readers book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Books from Penguin Readers are adapted for English learners (ESL or EFL) and categorized by levels (from 1 to 6).

For more information, go to regardbouddhiste.com The Penguin Readers' version of Pride and Prejudice is a level 5 (upper intermediate) book. Note particularly the film Bride and Prejudice, a version of Austen’s story set in modern India, and the film Bridget Jones’ Diary loosely based on the story of Pride and Prejudice, but presented as a fairly knockabout comedy.

But pride, prejudice, and misunderstandings all combine to complicate their relationships and to make happiness difficult. IMDb. Movies, TV & Showtimes English. Release Date: 10 September (UK) See more» swallow your pride and prejudice and find love.

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