Conversation on indian education system

NIEA will collaborate and engage stake holders at the state and tribal level to raise awareness and effectively impact implementation of priorities. NIEA will enhance policy expertise and strengthen tribes, communities, and stake holder capacity to increase participation on Native education implementation locally. NIEA will engage with organizations in the public and private sector to inform Native education issues.

Conversation on indian education system

Home Uncategorized The 3 Idiots Debate: Is the Indian Education System in need of change? The 3 Idiots Debate: Like Change the Education System, and fast! It could be one of those movies which everyone watches, has a lot of fun, buys the DVD and always remembers.

Or it could be one of those movies that everyone watches, has a lot of fun, and forgets. However, all that aside, it was definitely one of those movies that raised a very important issue which can, under no circumstance, be dismissed and forgotten: One of the major flaws in our education system is the characteristic of being extremely exam oriented.

Classroom discussion is minimal, and it generally takes place, if at all, at the beginning of the session and then too is quashed out in the race to finish the course before the exams. Students are, therefore, molded to care about the exam and marks rather than actually study a subject because they enjoy it.

They are not encouraged to think creatively or to explore their subject in more depth, in fear of digressing from the prescribed syllabi. Learning is limited to what is in the textbook, and very few students actually think beyond them.

Many of them lose interest and therefore the increasing trend among colleges to offer marks for attendance to make students attend classes. Another reason for this may also be because of a deeper social problem. Students are often forced to study disciplines that they are not really interested in, because society considers other disciplines worthless as they deviate from societal norms.

Therefore classes are considered to be a burden. But even the students who choose a subject of their choice are often condemned to being incentivized only by marks for attending classes due to the poor quality of teaching.

Learning then becomes learning about how astutely to attempt an exam and maximizing marks from it. Exams also then become a burden because students are forced to study something they are uninterested and uninvolved with. Students learn very little about the subject.

Very few graduates actually remember what or why they studied a particular thing even though they spent years studying it! This does not mean we do away with exams. Quite to the contrary exams are required to test how well students their subject.Community Experts online right now.

Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast! Indian schools teach basic knowledge in all subjects. Annual system in school years helps slow learners.

Conversation on indian education system

These days a lot of positive changes are happening in the education system of India. Emphasis on practical knowledge is increased. Drawbacks of Indian Education system: Rote learning.

Emphasis on memorizing the facts rather than thoroughly understanding the concepts. Indian education system needs serious reforms. I am a student of class 12th and I live in Mumbai.

Just because I scored good Mark's in my class 10th and was an overall good students my parents were expecting me to take science stream and I was told that if I will take science I will be having all other options available in my life.

India’s human resources lack application skills leading to poor work quality which can be deeply blamed on the archaic education system emphasizing on creating assembly line work force.

The Indian higher education system faces stiff challenges. Australians may not imagine they’re well placed to help. But there are opportunities for exciting collaboration between Australia and India in reforming higher education. Conversation between three friends about indian education system.

Present Education System in India ~ Group Discussion Ideas

Conversation between three friends about indian education system. Sohan: Manoj, you are right because our present education system is give us % marks. But its not give us % quality in students.

Conversation on indian education system
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