An introduction to the former portuguese southeast asian colony of east timor

Vietnam and Laos were part of French Indo-China.

An introduction to the former portuguese southeast asian colony of east timor

An introduction to the former portuguese southeast asian colony of east timor

Prehistory[ edit ] Humans first settled in East Timor 42, years ago. The first is described by anthropologists as people of the Veddo - Australoid type. Around BC, a second migration brought Melanesians.

The earlier Veddo-Australoid peoples withdrew at this time to the mountainous interior. Finally, proto-Malays arrived from south China and north Indochina.

Some stories recount Timorese ancestors journeying from the Malay Peninsula or the Minangkabau highlands of Sumatra. It was the relative abundance of sandalwood in Timor that attracted European explorers to the island in the early 16th century.

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Effective European occupation of a small part of the territory began inwhen the city of Dili was founded and the colony of Portuguese Timor declared.

For the Portuguese, East Timor remained little more than a neglected trading post until the late nineteenth century, with minimal investment in infrastructure, health, and education.

Sandalwood remained the main export crop with coffee exports becoming significant in the mid-nineteenth century. As was often the case, Portuguese rule was generally neglectful but exploitative where it existed. Waged by Allied forces and East Timorese volunteers against the Japanese, the struggle resulted in the deaths of between 40, and 70, East Timorese.

Second Portuguese Period[ edit ] Following the Portuguese revolutionPortugal effectively abandoned its colony on Timor and civil war between East Timorese political parties broke out in Fearing a communist state within the Indonesian archipelago, the Indonesian military, with AustralianBritish, and US support, launched an invasion of East Timor in December A detailed statistical report prepared for the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor cited a minimum bound ofconflict-related deaths in the period —, namely, approximately 18, killings and 84, "excess" deaths from hunger and illness.

A clear vote for independence was met with a punitive campaign of violence by East Timorese pro-integration militia with the support of elements of the Indonesian military. With Indonesian permission, an Australian-led multi-national peacekeeping force was deployed until order was restored.

Ramos-Horta was critically injured in an attempted assassination in February Australian reinforcements were immediately sent to help keep order. In Marchthe UN handed over operational control of the police force to the East Timor authorities.

The United Nations ended its peacekeeping mission on 31 December Politics of East Timor The head of state of East Timor is the President of the Republicwho is elected by popular vote for a five-year term.

Although their executive powers are somewhat limited, the President does have the power to appoint the Prime Minister and veto government legislation.

An introduction to the former portuguese southeast asian colony of east timor

Following elections, the President usually appoints the leader of the majority party or coalition as Prime Minister of East Timor and the cabinet on the proposal of the latter. As head of governmentthe Prime Minister presides over the cabinet.An introduction to the former portuguese southeast asian colony of east timor November 19, Uncategorized comparison of the different types of e business Introduction.

East Timor s Unfinished Struggle is necessary reading for anyone who wants to understand East Timor and who hopes to see self determination for its people Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jos Ant nio Ramos Horta, from the the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two East Tise activists, few had heard of East Timor or of its struggle.

The conflict in the former Portuguese Southeast Asian colony of East Timor, illegally invaded and annexed by Indonesia in September , continues to fester away.

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Indonesia's suppression of legitimate East Timorese aspirations for respect of their human rights, including the right of self-determination, has been a cause for continued international tensions. East Timor is bounded by the Timor Sea to the southeast, the Wetar Strait to the north, the Ombai Strait to the northwest, and western Timor (part of the Indonesian province of .

South East Asia and in Far East Asia. List of Portuguese colonial forts and possessions. Chronology of the Portuguese Colonies, Portuguese forts. Don't Miss. List of Portuguese colonial forts and possessions. Related Articles. St Thomas Fort, Tangasseri or Thangassery, Kerala, India. 1 East Timor A former Portuguese colony that was annexed by Indonesia in ; voted for independence from Indonesia in and in May became an independent nation.

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