Aids term papers

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Aids term papers

The history of AIDS. If your focus is to analyze the history of the disease, you should elaborate on the facts — that the disease was first diagnosed in in Africa and Monkey is believed to have transmitted the virus to human being.

You may also give a detail on how it eventually spread all around, or focus on the spread of AIDS in particular region. The treatment of AIDS. This topic can be little tricky as the treatments for AIDS are able to only strengthen the immunity of the patient for certain periods of time, but not cure him.

However scientists were trying to find the cure for several decades already, and you may devote your term paper to their research, or focus just on several scientists. The cause of disease. You can focus on the cause of the disease for the study, as there are several ways one can become infected with AIDS.

The most usual way is direct contact of physical fluids that are radiated from a male or a female. It does not matter what sex the person has, both may be infected.

This contact transmits blood that was previously vigorous. The contamination of the blood may happen through being drug abused. The writer of the AIDS term paper can write about the other most general method of transmitting aids is by mother to child transfusion. The virus can be transmitted through birth or breast-feeding.

But this illness cannot be contracted through tears and dribble, even though some people think it can do it. Another area of study could be the preventive measures.

The prevention method includes having safe sex, using sterile injecting equipment. In addition, dissemination of sex and STD education to adolescents and adults can help prevent the disease.

The social stigma and prejudices. Another area of study would be focusing on the prejudices against the patients in the society and the stigma associated with the disease.

This research area will be especially interesting for students with major in Sociology, Social Work, Human Rights, and Psychology. In this case your AIDS term paper can be backed with the interview with patients, their family members, relatives and friends.

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An interesting and practical topic for an AIDS term paper may be various social services provided by private and governmental organizations to deal with the disease.

Therefore, the question is worth studying.

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Aids term papers

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Aids term papers

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AIDS Drug Assistance Program- AIDS Drug Assistance Program Term Paper examines the programs primary purpose and discuss the CARE Act. The Black Death and AIDS - Black Death and AIDS research papers compares the pathology of the two diseases that struck the planet.

For 35 years, researchers have been trying to beat the virus that causes AIDS. For just as long, Burt Dorman has been saying he has a faster way.

AIDS/ Hiv/Aids term paper